Tips For Maintaining The Freshest Food Stock In Your Restaurant


The best restaurants are the ones that serve only the freshest foods. If you have ever visited a restaurant and found your bread was too hard or your salad had wilted lettuce in it, you know why you should never let that happen to your customers. Follow these tips for maintaining the freshest food inventory in your restaurant so your customers will continue to keep coming back for more.

Daily Rotation Is Essential

Staying on top of the food stock you have in your kitchen is important to know when it is time to toss something out and write it off. You may be surprised how missing one day of rotating foods can mean someone in your dining room being served food that is visibly too old to eat. For example, the fresh vegetables and fruits you keep in your cooler for salads should be checked every day for signs of wilting and rot. When you buy fresh fruits and vegetables for your cooler, be sure to always place it in the back of the vegetables and fruits you already have so they won't get mixed up. Labeling all stock with the date you bought it is the best way to be sure foods are kept in the proper order. You can buy labels designed for using in refrigerators at most department stores, making it easier for you to maintain this important process.

Never Order From Food Suppliers You Know Nothing About

Consider the importance of knowing where your food inventory comes from when making choices for vendors. Remember you are serving food to people that trust your judgment about the food's freshness. You want to ensure each dish you serve is free of bacteria that could cause illness and could potentially ruin your reputation as a fine restaurant. For example, if you choose a bread supplier for a sub shop, you need bread that is baked fresh each day. Serving breads that are more than a day old can make a huge difference in the taste and quality of your sub sandwiches. The same is true about the yeast rolls you might serve with a steak dinner. Always take the time to learn about the company you plan to order your food stock before and find out what other restaurant owners are saying about them before you make final choices about ordering. This can be especially important for foods like meat that can carry unwanted food-borne bacteria into your kitchen if its not the absolute freshest cuts possible.

Keep An Inventory Sheet

When you need to know when a certain food was ordered, it is easier to just look at your inventory sheet for learning a date than to dig through stock looking for labels. An inventory sheet should hang in your kitchen and be adjusted daily for losses like rotted fruits and vegetable or for foods that never made it to the customer. By writing down these kinds of details about your inventory, you have an easier time ordering and figuring profits at the end of each quarter.

The restaurant owner that stays vigilant about inventory is the one that can most likely boast about a successful restaurant. Investing the time for learning more about maintaining the freshest food stock is certainly worthwhile. Contact food suppliers like the Klosterman Baking Company for more information.   


28 January 2016

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